Pressure versus Weight

In golf many people confuse weight with the pressure they are totally different.
We can actually track pressure in the swing with pressure mapping systems like Boditrak and Swing Catalyst. The pressure definitely shifts into the rear heel on the backswing.

Many people mess up because they move the weight. Jimmy Ballard ran into the same issue when he was teaching about pressure versus weight. PGA Instructors attacked him saying he was teaching a sway but the reality is he was teaching a coil.
It took almost 15 years for the PGA light bulb to come on and have that Aha Moment. We are seeing a very similar thing as it concerns pressure vs weight with that Aha Moment.

I like to break it down by having the client move weight on the backswing and have them feel the weight shift to the outside of the shoe. Then I have them move pressure, that same weight goes into the rear heel. The weight does not fall out over the shoe and the player also maintains a dynamic athletic swinging motion.

Once they go through both of those sequences they get the difference. But again it’s not new both Hogan and Mickey Wright both spoke on and taught about the importance of feeling that pressure/ weight into the rear heel. One other item while I’m thinking about it. Part two of the dynamic swinging motion is maintaining that knee flex in the rear knee. It puts the player into a feeling of a runner’s block. I have seen so many Instructors teach part one without teaching part two.

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