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Our award winning championship course

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Our award winning championship course

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I am writing to inform you of our exciting upcoming Junior Golf Program at Sugar Creek Golf Course which is designed to provide your students a low-cost summer activity option. Equipment and golf balls will be provided for all participants.

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The Concept & Function of our Program

The primary goal of the Sugar Creek Junior Golf Program is to develop lifelong golfers. A well-rounded program will be accomplished by offering instruction, activities, details on the history of golf, and observance of rules and etiquette. This program ensures that all participants are taught golf in a manner that promotes enjoyment, while at the same time hitting home the essential link between golf and interpersonal skills. Helping junior golfers play golf to the best of their ability, and to contribute to the personal growth of each junior by positive social and character values is our top instruction priority..

Methods of Instruction

The most important aspect of this program is to enable each student to achieve his/her personal best through four primary instructional areas:
Teaching junior golfers how to adequately use the Rules of Golf as well as on-course rules clinics and basic fundamentals of grip, stance, aim, and the swing will also be included. Instructing juniors on “professional-like” behavior and respect for the game will be an important overview of this program. As always, sportsmanship, honesty and respect for opponents will be discussed in relation to both playing golf and real-life situations.
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