Improve your sweet spot contact

I’m out playing with a client and he said coach you are really consistent with your ball flight. Where do you strike the ball on the club face. I showed him my club and said my goal is to be 6-7 grooves up. He said wow I’ve never heard that before. So it made me think let me share this information.

Most poor ball strikers live on the bottom two grooves of the face or way out at the toe. Start trying to hit the ball with the 5-7th groove and watch your ball flight trajectory improve overnight. I’ve purchased older model blades where the face and sweet spot are still in perfect condition other than a few bag chatter scratches.

Pay attention to where you are striking the ball on the club face and some really good things will happen.

It all goes back to the 3 goals

  1. Improved Swing Path
  2. Low Point Control
  3. Club Face Control

Clubhead Mizuno MS 11

Shaft KBS CTaper 110S Lite

Grip Avon Chamois Jumbo

What Say You ?

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