Critical Data

Tom Watson said poor golfers look at the yardage to select their club. Good golfers look at the lie first, and then the yardage.
TIGER just said recently in Golf Digest
“ I like to let the course dictate the shot I’m trying to hit. The first thing l do is look at the lie. Is the ball above or below my feet? Is it in a divot? Is it a flyer? “
” My swing thoughts are simple, more feel-oriented than technical. I do not watch my swing on video very often, I prefer to feel things “
Two of the best that ever played the game have given the rank-and-file player a vital part of the keys to playing Golf versus Golf Swing.
The Lie always dictates what the better player will do with the ball. Bob Duncan has created a system called Golf Positioning System that is 100% built on this exact premise of the lie will always dictate what club the player pulls from their bag and the shot to play.
What Say You?
Doc Blade -Forensic Golf
Getting certified in GPS has been one of the best things I have done for my personal golf journey and the journey of my students.

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