Classic Golf

In my off time, I watch a lot of classic golf and how they play the game. Several things I pick up on like great footwork, incredible imagination from 150 yards into the green, and how they will use certain clubs around the green. I also take note of how they manage the golf course and will take their medicine if they put their tee shot in a bad location.

I say all of that to say this, I truly believe rank-and-file players would improve their games if they patterned their games after classic golf or LPGA even with the bag setup of the LPGA. What was extremely common was seeing an older match with 163 yards and the player took 6 iron or even feathered a 5 iron into the green depending on the wind.

Also, almost every player used the waggle which is a totally lost art in today’s teaching. I’m willing to bet the new generation of Instructors doesn’t even know the importance or reason for the waggle.
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